Monday, March 1, 2010

Tokyo Toy Show & Odaiba Adventure

During the trip, we will go to the Tokyo Toy Show. This is an annual tradeshow where you can see all the cool Japanese toys coming out. The picture above is our group from the 2008 trip!

The Tokyo Toy Show takes place at Tokyo Big Site, in Odaiba, which is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan. There are tons of fun things to do in Odaiba. You are free to do whatever you like in Odaiba, and we have some fun options for you.

Here are a few pics, I took from Stephanie Nguyen's livejournal (aka bubblesung). She took lots of great pics at the 2008 Tokyo Toy Show. There are lots of mascots around for you to take pictures with. Here are some that we liked...

Usarusan = monkey who turns into a superhero when he puts on his rabbit suit.

Lego Guy with Rick, Jamie, and Stephanie

Rabbits with Dresses, (I forget their names, but they make toys of them)

Anpanman (with Stephanie and Ben, our tour guide)

Looks like a rhino, with Araceli and My

Gachapin...I heart him!

There are lots of booths, but most of them won't let you take photos inside, this was the Sanrio booth. We got to see all the new stuff that was coming out.

There is stuff guys will like too, like this giant Ultraman made out of Ultramans.


Nearby, is the Aqua City Mall. It has lots of great stores including a Vivitix Sanrio Store, Disney Store, Toys R Us, Adidas, 0101 Outlet Store, Stussy, G-Shock Store, and more!!! Aqua City is the lower building structure. In that giant building, you will find Fuji TV. They have mascots perform there, like Gachapin and Mukku, and a store. You can go into that giant sphere, it is actually an observation deck, and you can find a replica of the Statue of Liberty out front!

Here is a great video from last year's show Tokyo Toy Show, (by


annalene said...

Ooooh, cute pictures. The rabbits are Sylvanian Families or Calico Critters.. I used to collect those when I was a kid in the 80 :)

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